Our History

Restaurant Hoshigaoka was first opened in Singapore at the Apollo Hotel in 1972.

Initially named Hoshigaoka Saryo, the restaurant from Japan brought with it traditional Japanese cooking with an emphasis on discriminating culinary tastes, sumptuous dishes, a serene atmosphere and trademark Japanese hospitality. To appeal to a broader market, Hoshigaoka Saryo was renamed Restaurant Hoshigaoka in 1986.

Restaurant Hoshigaoka – family Japanese restaurant has undergone a rebranding exercise since its acquisition by JP Pepperdine, owner of well-known F&B brands Jack’s Place, Eatzi Gourmet and Kkongdon Barbeque. The outlet located at Isetan Scotts, Level 4, has been rejuvenated with redesigned interiors to reflect the new ownership, while an updated menu features an improved variety, enhanced quality and value-for-money.

More than an update to the well-loved brand, the redesign is formulated in line with the traditions and values of the restaurant’s original founder, Kitaoji Rosanjin. JP Pepperdine hopes to continue to serve cherished long-time customers while bringing Restaurant Hoshigaoka to a new generation of diners.

After 40 years in Singapore, the rebranding is slated to refresh the brand while preserving the original sentiments and values of its founder. With the original sentiments and values in mind, Restaurant Hoshigaoka will try to be the best Traditional Japanese restaurant in Singapore.

As of September 2018, Restaurant Hoshigaoka has ceased operations permanently.